The Hitler Pact A Blood Oath

Brothers Alexander Adolph, Louis and Brian William live in a quiet working- class suburb in Long Island ,New York. They are all native New Yorkers. None have ever married or had children. Two of them have their own landscaping business and one is a social worker. Their brother Howard died in an auto accident.

It has been reported that these brothers have lived a sad life by most standards. Living in seclusion, loneliness and fear. An existence with no vision or concept of what the American dream could or should mean to them. The dream of marriage, family children, grandchildren.

The hope and dreams that we all grab hold of. The hope that our children will have better lives than we have. The hopes that our name and bloodline will be carried well into the future long after we are dust. Hopes not denied ny death, disease or inability to enjoy the anticipation of the future. Hopes these boys have apparently denied themselves with purpose and resolve. The Hitler Newphews Why is this story any different or any more important than the struggles others living in the same neighborhood the same street, their next door neighbors? What has eliminated the hopes of the future of family and the continuation of family name to be carried proudly into future? Two words that are vilified world-wide have apparently crushed this middle class America family.

Those words are "Adolph Hitler". The nephews of Adolf Hitler are alive and well in Long Island, New York. The only American descendants of Adolph Hitler are living quietly under assumed names. In about 40-50 years, barring death by unnatural causes, this bloodline of Adolph Hitler will be severed for all time. The brothers have reportedly entered into a pact that none will marry or have children.

This will put an end to the irony and curse of the Hitler legacy in the United States. How did relatives of Adolph Hitler end up living a middle class life in Long Island, New York? It is certainly not something we would envision. William Patrick Hitler was born in Liverpool in 1911. He was the son of William Patrick Hitler Adolph Hitler's half-brother Alois. William moved to Berlin in the 1930's.

He attempted to capitalize on the notoriety of the Hitler name using various ploys and his resemblance to Hitler to make money. It is reported that Hitler himself regarded William as a freeloader and buffoon calling him one of his "most repulsive" relatives. Just prior to the German invasion of Poland, William took his show on the road to the United States.

Much as modern day celebrities, he charged per appearance to regale not yet "Hitler sensitized" American audiences with life "inside the Nazi Reich". As America was drawn into the war and Americans became aware of the brutal nature of the Hitler regime, the glamour and appeal of profiting off the Hitler name undoubtedly waned and quickly turned to fear of reprisal and ridicule. He later attempted to enlist in the military and was rejected.

Not happy with this he wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As one can imagine a letter from a blood relative to the man considered "evil incarnate" caused quite a stir.

The letter triggered an investigation by the FBI. He was determined not to be a threat and eventually was allowed to enlist in the United States Navy. After the war, he made his way to New York City and then Long Island, NY, where he married, had children and lived the rest of his years. William Patrick Hitler passed away in 1987. In addition to material things handed down to his nephews he passed on an incurable disease. A disease no less insidious than had he passed on Leprosy.

A disease marked by seclusion, ridicule and shame. The disease of the Hitler name and genetics. A disease deemed so terrible by the nephews that they determined the only way to cure it was to deny themselves all that we love and cherish by entering into the Hitler Pact to end the blood-line forever.

While there certainly is curiosity value to the existence of the Hitler blood descendants in the United States, there are fascinating questions in both psychology and science. What internal and external psychological forces drive three brothers to voluntarily choose to suppress those basic biological drives that we all possess and strive to fulfill? How has this denial of these basic instincts affected their psychological health? What can genetic testing of these brother tell us? Are the brothers carrying any genetic markers that would offer some explanation for Hitler's psychopathic behavior? Can genetic testing tell us whether Hitler had any Jewish lineage? One of the most historically fascinating remaining question about Hitler unresolved to this day is whether Adolph Hitler had any Jewish ancestors or as he would put it "Jewish blood". It is a popular wives tail that Adolph Hitler was part Jewish but this has never been confirmed. If DNA testing on Hitler blood relatives can not tell us, it will probably remain a mystery for all time.

It has been reported that Hitler himself was obsessed with this possibility. Hitler tried his best to hide his origins. According to Dr. Fritz Redlich in his book, Diagnosis of A Destructive Prophet, Hitler feared that his paternal grandfather was Jewish. As noted in the book, Hitler's Jewish Soldiers, there are few publications that examine this issue and none have verified sources. Pages 172-175 of the book contain a fascinating discussion of the various arguments on both sides of the coin.

In order to get a more complete perspective on the DNA issue I consulted author and historian Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg Ph.D.

He is the author of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers and Rescued From The Reich. Here is what he had to say: "If the DNA shows anything, it will show how interconnected we all are. It could possibly answer the question of his possible Jewish background. While a gene study might give us some insight into his psychopathic behvior, it was probably more of a product of his abusive upbringing. Regardless of his background, he was an angry, evil man.

In the end, it would help us all realize that we need to learn how to embrace the good in us and fight the evil regardless of our genetics. In the end you do not need proof of Hitler's genetics to learn this truth about humanity." Will Alexander Adolph, Louis or Brian William ever tell us what their hopes and dreams have been and what they are now? Will they tell us why they entered into a pact never to marry or have children? Was it to spare their spouses and children the ridicule and loneliness they must have suffered.? Could it be much simpler in that they foresaw certain rejection from any women who discovered their secret and were sparing themselves the pain.

Did they fear the uncertainly of the "Hitler genetics"? While this "societal sterilization" was self-imposed, it was also pushed on them by the thread of intolerance that often dooms generations upon generations to pay for the sins of their parents. These three healthy boys who were born with no future as if they had an incurable disease that will be genetically passed down for all time, the only solution was apparently to stop the bleeding by ceasing to exist. The Hitler Nephews are reportedly writing their own book about their experiences. Can they offer more than science? In the meantime the heart of humanity beats on. Copyright (c) 2008 Brian Cuban.

I am am a Dallas attorney working for Mark Cuban companies. I am an avid writer and part time actor. My website is http://www.briancuban.com

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