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MTNA: Music Teachers National AssociationThe MTNA board of directors unanimously approved the operating budget for the 2004-2005 fiscal year at its regular summer meeting. Due to the prudent management of MTNA funds by the MTNA Board and Executive Director Gary Ingle, the financial picture for MTNA is very healthy. The MTNA finance committee, a sub-committee of the board of directors, makes recommendations to the board of directors in regard to all expenditures and monitors the budget throughout the year. It is comprised of the secretary-treasurer who serves as chair, the president, the immediate past president, the president-elect and one director elected from the board (Roy Wylie). The Executive Director, Gary Ingle, is an ex-officio, without vote, member of the finance committee.

MTNA is primarily a dues-driven association--that is, more than half of its operating income is derived from dues revenue. As you can see from the information on the next page, MTNA hopes to generate 52 percent of its income from dues, while the rest primarily comes from the national conference, publications and royalties/sales. This additional income beyond dues allows MTNA to fund the programs and services we provide to the membership more fully than we could if we relied solely upon dues income. In fact, 72 percent of our income supports programs and services, while only 24 percent funds our administrative costs.

Programs and services include such areas as the ASCAP licensing fees for all our affiliated associations, general liability insurance for events sponsored by all our affiliated associations, composer commissioning matching awards for state associations, IRS 501(c)(3) group exemption capability for all our affiliated associations, plus general program funding for national programs. Individual members benefit from our newly revised Code of Ethics and the MTNA Assessment Tools for the Independent Music Teacher, as well as the Music for Everyone Programs, national competitions programs, our national conference with expanded group teaching and technology formats and our enhanced website, just to mention a few services.

We have substantially increased our budgeted expenses for the MTNA website, for our general programs, which include Arts Awareness and Advocacy, Collaborative Artists, College Faculty, Collegiate Chapters, Independent Music Teachers and Local Associations, for membership development and retention and marketing/public relations for the current fiscal year. This will allow us to better serve our diversified membership.

The MTNA Board of Directors and the dedicated staff under Gary Ingle strive to ensure that our financial resources are utilized in the best interests of MTNA and its members. We are committed to providing services and resources to our members that will give them the most benefit for their dollars. MTNA is the collective voice for our profession!


Phyllis I. Pieffer

MTNA President

Ethical Concerns Committee Appointed

MTNA President Phyllis Pieffer, NCTM, recently appointed members to the ethical concerns committee. Judith Price, NCTM, of Olympia, Washington, will chair the committee. The committee will enable MTNA to assist members with the resolution of conflicts through its communication with the parties involved with an ethical concern. Sigrid Luther, NCTM, Tennessee; Karen Langstraat, NCTM, Iowa; and James Litzelman, Virginia, also are on the committee.

MTNA Seeking Outstanding Collegiate Chapters

Each year MTNA recognizes an outstanding collegiate chapter and its members for showing an exceptional level and depth of activities.

The winning chapter will be recognized at the 2005 MTNA National Conference in Seattle, April 2-6, with a plaque and a $500 award. All applicants will be invited to give poster presentations at the Collegiate Chapters Reception. The presentations will highlight their accomplishments as a chapter.

To be eligible, each chapter should submit a typed annotated list of chapter activities for the 2004-2005 school year. Materials supporting these activities such as programs, invitations, fliers, budget and outcome reports and newspaper articles also should be included.

Applications must be postmarked by February 1, 2005, and the finalists will be notified by March 1, 2005. Send all application materials to MTNA, Attn: Collegiate Chapter of the Year Award, 441 Vine St., Ste. 505, Cincinnati, OH 45202-2811.

State Affiliates Recognized

Four state MTAs were recognized in November for their years of affiliation with MTNA.

MTNA Executive Director Gary Ingle presented a plaque recognizing the Georgia MTA for fifty years of affiliation with MTNA at its state convention. Mississippi MTA also was honored by Ingle with a plaque at its convention.

The Ohio MTA has been affiliated with MTNA since 1879. MTNA Vice President Gall Berenson, NCTM, attended the state convention to present a plaque commemorating Ohio's 125 years of partnership with MTNA.

The South Dakota MTA was honored for its fiftieth anniversary as an MTNA affiliate. MTNA President Phyllis Pieffer, NCTM, presented the plaque to the organization at its state convention in November.

Each year the national association recognizes state MTAs that achieve 50, 75, 100 and 125 years of affiliation with MTNA.

Best Value Insurance

With gifts, parties and other extras straining budgets this time of year, it's important to get the best deals whenever possible. When it comes to insurance, most people would love to get the best deal, but simply don't have the time to shop around.

The Robert H. Clarkson Insurance Agency, LLC and Financial Services, Inc. will help MTNA members find the best value on insurance. At a member's request, RHC agents will keep information on file and notify the member of any money-saving possibilities, as well as providing updates on home and auto safety tips and the availability of student discount programs. Agents also will review coverage to determine if the member's policies are the best deals available.

RHC welcomes the opportunity to be of service to MTNA members and are eager to provide members with the knowledge and information necessary to make the best decision regarding their insurance needs. For more information, contact RHC at (800) 3387148 or mtna@rhcgroup.com, or visit the RHC website at www.rhcgroup.com.

MTNA Leaders Attend Summit

The seventh annual Summit for MTNA Leadership was held in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 17-19, 2004. Nearly 100 MTNA leaders, including state and division presidents, state and division presidents-elect, program chairs and the board of directors, attended the weekend of education, motivation and networking.

Music education expert Karl Bruhn opened the Summit with his address about Recreational Music Making. Other plenary sessions included Association 101 and presentations about digital organs, ethics and leadership.

Break-out session topics included parliamentary procedure, technology and MTNA Professional Certification. Also, state presidents were able to share information with other states of similar size during a special session.

Musical theater students from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music provided Saturday evening entertainment following a banquet.

The planning committee for the Summit included Paul Stewart, NCTM, MTNA president-elect; Kenneth Christensen, Northwest Division president; Millie Eben, NCTM, Eastern Division president; Diane Higgins, NCTM, Southern Division president; Mary Ellen Moore, NCTM, West Central Division president; Mark Mrozinski, East Central Division president; Cheryl Pachak-Brooks, NCTM, Southwest Division president; and Ruth Pitts, NCTM, South Central Division president.

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