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Check out my handy hints to find out how easy it is to learn French like crazy. These tips are designed to help speakers at every level - whether you are at a beginner or intermediate level I'm sure you could benefit from some simple advice. How you ever thought about DIY French? It's easy if you know how, so here's how to make your very own French phrase cards. There are so easy and cost next to nothing to make. Pick up some card from your local store and cut it into small rectangles ? about the size of a credit card (this doesn't have to be accurate).

Next, get on the net and find some easy everyday French words and Phrases. Write the French word or phrase on one side of the card and the English translation on the other. Test yourself by flipping the cards and guessing the correct translation. Be sure to take these cards with you everywhere, so you can practice any time. Don't spend to long learning with them each day, about 10-15 minutes each is perfect. Another great way to learn is by using a French tuition course.

Don't worry, this doesn't have to mean expensive and boring academic courses. Some of the CD and MP3 courses on the market are very reasonable and offer new innovative and fun ways to learn. The makers of these courses understand that people want to learn new languages quickly, so they tend not to pad the courses out with boring masculine and feminine grammar.

Courses now concentrate on conversational skills, so learners can expect much quicker results in a shorter time. Don't underestimate books. Courses my be able to use cutting edge technology to help you learn, but reading is still one of the best ways to learn any new skill. People have been learning by reading for centuries. There number of books on learning French is simply astonishing, you'll be amazed how many titles you'll find at your local book store.

Remember, there's no need to buy these costly books ? simply rent them from your local library. It's a great way to save money! The number 1 way to learn any new language is. to go to a French speaking country. You will be forced to pick up the language because you'll be out of your comfort zone. People have managed to learn to fluently speak another language in a couple of months, just by living in a foreign country.

You learn very quickly because you have to. It's a very drastic and expensive measure, but it will certainly work. I realise that this may not be an option for very many learners, so you could instead try and taste some French culture on your home town. You could do this by simply going to see a French film, eating at a French restaurant or by going out of your way to meet some French speakers. I hope my handy hints have given you a better idea of how easy it is to learn French like crazy.

If you follow my simple steps your French will be sure to come on in leap and bounds.

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