Loose Diamonds Benefits and Advantages

Most people in the western world are familiar with the phrase, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." But what would the appropriate phrase be to describe the delight of having a handful of lustrous loose diamonds to enjoy? When most people think about these stunning stones, they visualize them in fine jewelry mountings and not as a loose stones. Diamonds are the most desirable and, more often than not, the most costly jewels available. Due to their higher prices, however, many people are inhibited in purchasing diamonds despite their attraction to the beautiful sparkle.

What some people may not realize is that they might actually have a chance in owning their very own diamond if they look into purchasing unmounted diamonds, which make the diamonds less expensive and more obtainable. In fact, some people consider that the wisest way to buy precious gemstones, including diamonds, is to purchase them before they are placed into a setting. Buying loose diamonds actually provides a few different advantages over buying such items as diamond rings or diamond earrings, which already have the stones placed into a setting. The largest benefit is the fact that you can save money. Diamonds that are loose or unmounted can often be purchased at a lower cost than those already mounted and placed into a fine jewelry setting.

When purchasing an unmounted diamond, you are no longer responsible for paying for the gold or silver metal the diamond is set in. Secondly, the metal wrapped around the diamond is likely to prevent you from seeing the true quality. If the gemstone is loose, you will be able to judge the quality of the diamond with more confidence. There are different settings jewelers often use to hide a flaw in a diamond.

Flaws take away from the value. If a diamond's flaw is cleverly masked by the way that it is mounted, you could unintentionally purchase a stone that is worth a lesser value. To decide upon a value for a diamond, the quality must be determined. To do so, one must check four characteristics of the gemstone. These characteristics are in reference to clarity, color, cut, and carat weight.

To be certain of these factors, the jeweler will be dependant on a small microscope called a loupe, in which magnification allows close examination of the color, clarity, and quality of the cut. People who prefer to have gems set into the jewelry design of their choice often choose to purchase unmounted diamonds. This type of purchase is often found amongst people that like to wear distinctive and personalized custom diamond jewelry. Loose diamonds are available in many different shapes (or cuts) and you can select from those cuts when you want to purchase a rare stone for a custom diamond jewelry piece. While there are many cuts you can find, the most common shapes are the round, oval, radiant, and emerald.

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