Easy To Do Cheap Wedding Favors

For a wedding favors to be meaningful to your guest it does have to cost a lot. You can make something at home and it can mean the world to your guests. It does not have to be anything large as long as it says thank you for attending my wedding. So when you and your better half are thinking of ideas it should be about who you are and what you enjoy. Make it different and your guests will remember your day. Here are a few ideas you might be able to use.

1.You can put a small bell on a card that would have a saying on the card like a poem. When you kiss at the reception the guests can ring the bell. 2.

You can wrap up some chocolate in nice fabric with a ribbon and put a piece of paper on it that would have you wedding date put on that. 3. You could go to a craft storee, get backing paper, put a picture of yourself and your partner, and then write something underneath it for them to take home. 4.

Flowers and balloons are a favorite for guests and kids to take home after the wedding. They are cheap but you can make them look great for the room. Use a ribbon that matches your wedding colors and your guests can take with them when they leave.

5. Other ideas for cheap wedding favors could be small wedding mint tins. 6. For a gift that is not to expenisve, and you can do a lot with, consider small picture frames. 7.

Small mints can taste good and be inexpensive as well! 8. Soaps with the wedding date included are simple to customize. 9. Take a minute and put some thought into your goals when it comes to wedding favors.

One idea would be to tell little bit about yourself in your gift. Are you a person that has a hobby? How about a wedding favor that relates to music or a sport you like such as golf or bowling. 10.

What do you love and what do you do for fun, or for relaxation. You can really be unique because wedding favors are easy to put on the tables at the reception and they do not have to be costly. This article will give you some ideas to help you find the perfect cheap wedding favor for your wedding day. If you need more help you can go and Google search her wedding favors or you can also search online craft stores for even more favor ideas.

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